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Culinary Experience

Some of Grandma Marion's favorite activities were cooking and seeing her family gathered around the table.  In fact, the recipe you see below is for Grandma's Green Bean Casserole and one that we still serve today at The Koselig House!


Marion's dedication to cooking continues at The Koselig House where we we provide delicious and nutritious home cooked meals and snacks to our residents each day.  We recognize that dining and socialization are key components in enhancing quality of life and provide a perfect way for our residents and team to connect.

Our specially designed seasonal menu is coordinated by a Dietary Manager and a Registered Dietician. In addition, we have a variety of healthy snacks and beverages on hand for our residents too.

Our dietary department is excited to engage with residents and families during meals and learn their favorite recipes. 


We also offer puree, mechanical soft, and general diets with physician's orders. In addition, our team is happy to provide assistance to residents who have difficulty eating independently; this may include finger foods, verbal cues, or hands-on support.

Marion Senn Receipe for Green Bean Casserole
Eating Time, Food, Butter, Strawberries, Assisted Living Meals
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