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Older man enjoying Activities like cards, board games and conversations at The Koselig House Assisted Living and Memory Care of DeForest.

Life Enrichment Activities


We understand that taking care of a person is not just about the physical well being, but incorporates the mind, body and soul. At The Koselig House Assisted Living and Memory Care of DeForest, WI we offer several activities per day that visit

these three aspects of well being.  At the same time our team focuses on encouraging independence and choice.

A large calendar of these activities is posted in our great room for residents, families, and visitors to review.  In addition, everyone who stays at or visits

The Koselig House is welcomed and encouraged to participate in the activities, events, parties, and outings that occur within our family of care.  However, it is

also respected if someone chooses to just “watch” or decides

that an activity is not for them.

Personalizing our activities to each individual resident is something that we strive to do at The Koselig House.  Including, adapting activities to meet the cognitive needs for those living with Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia. Below is a description of the type of therapeutic activities you will find at The Koselig House.

Older adult woman, smiling working Out with a Physio Ball.


Helping our community members retain their physical strength and keep muscles and joints limber, is an important part of our activity schedule. This is why we are proud that Physical Therapists from Genesis Rehabilitation Services, lead residents in stretches once a week. Using their guidance, our Koselig Team also includes these stretches and other physical activities that incorporate fun and muscle movement. Bowling, ball tosses, and other games which promote physical movement are incorporated several times per week. As are indoor and outdoor walks with our residents that promote connection, conversation, and

mobile independence.

An older woman reading on her tablet


The Activity Directors and team at 

The Koselig House promote cognitive stimulation opportunities that nurtures and promotes mental awareness. This includes, but is not limited to, games such as Memory, puzzles, card and dice games, large crossword puzzles, and words finds that work to keep our residents' mind active.  Our residents also enjoy more socially stimulating games like Bingo, Yahtzee, and Wheel of Fortune which help to develop connections with fellow residents, families, and the Koselig Team.  In fact, we start most mornings with the "news of the day" and a special poetry reading just to prep the brain for the

joy yet to come!

Spirtuality prayer with rosary.


Local Pastors and Ministers are always welcome at The Koselig House to visit and to provide to provide services for those that wish.  In the event, an in-person service is not available our exceptional Team ensure that church services are available via our community television.

Folding clothes, life skills, activities of daily living, adl

Life Skills

We are always looking for helpers to assist in baking, gardening, folding laundry and setting the table at The Koselig House. Our Life Skills Therapy program is a wonderful way for us to provide purpose, value, and connection into the lives of those residents that love to serve.

Older man and woman dancing, couple love, joy

Music and Art

The power of music gives us the ability to transport through time, remember our past, and enjoy the present. We play music throughout the community for our residents to enjoy and deliberately find live music to bring into our home to share with our residents and families. The Koselig House is a place that welcomes all genres of music and loves to bring in talented individuals willing to play for our enthusiastic audience.  Whether it is an instrument, vocal talent, or a theatrical production our residents will provide the applause!  Residents also enjoy arts and craft projects nearly every day.

Woman gardening, wheelchair, orchid


The Koselig House utilizes the sensory abilities of our residents to spark conversations, memories, and joy. You may find us adding calming lavender oil to the fountain situated in the main area of our home or baking cookies to stimulate reminiscing about holiday traditions. In addition, our Koselig team learns what kind of lotion or smells that our residents like and finds ways to incorporate them into their care. We also have artwork from local artists to stimulate curiosity and the love of the local area, which includes DeForest, WI; Sun Prairie, WI; Columbus, WI; Windsor, WI and Madison, WI.

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